11th Class Physics Test Paper- Gravitation


                                       CBSE TEST PAPER-01
                                CLASS - XI PHYSICS (Gravitation)

1. On which fundamental law of physics is Kepler's second law is based? [1]

2. Which is greater the attraction of the earth for 1 kg of aluminum or aluminum or attraction of 1kg of aluminum for the earth?[1]

3. Distance between two bodies is increased to three times its original value.What is the effect on the gravitational force between them?[1]

4. The distance of the planet Jupiter from the sun is 5.2 times that of the earth. Find the period of the Jupiter’s revolution around the sun?[2]

5. Show that for a two particle system F12 = F21[2]

6. State two essential requisites of geostationary satellite? [2]

7. Show that an artificial satellite circling round the earth in an orbit of radius obeys Kepler’s third low?[2]

8. A 400kg satellite in a circular orbit of radius 2 Re about the earth calculate the kinetic energy potential energy and total energy of the satellite? RE = 6.4x106m, M = 6x1024kg[2]

9. Two uniform solid spheres of radii R and 2R are at rest with their surfaces just touching. Find the force of gravitational attraction between them if density of spheres be P?[3]

10. Find expressions for (1) potential energy (2) kinetic energy (3) total energy for an artificial satellite.


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